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2017 Fleece Collection

UK Alpaca will buy ALL your fleece including leg and short neck. All grades of fibre have value and we are pleased to say that all your fleeces are used to make a variety of yarns in Britain with the lower grades going into cushions and bedding.

We pay £12 a kilo plus VAT for white baby grade skirted fleeces and £10 a kilo for white baby grade unskirted.

£8 a kilo for white fine grade skirted fleeces and £6 a kilo for white fine grade fleeces unskirted.

£8 a kilo for coloured baby grade skirted fleeces and £6 a kilo for coloured baby grade fleeces unskirted .

£5 a kilo for coloured fine grade skirted fleeces and £3 a kilo for coloured fine grade fleeces unskirted.

We pay 0.45p a kilo for all your skirtings, short neck, coarse fibre and shearing waste which should be bagged together according to colour. Please do not consign your yearling necks to ‘waste’. They should be bagged separately and if the neck is more than three inches long will go into the top grades.

UK Alpaca specialises in British alpaca yarns with full provenance and aims to support alpaca breeders by maintaining our reputation for high quality product.

If you sell us your fleece you are entitled to buy back stock yarns at wholesale prices with no minimum order.

We manufacture a range of double knit and 4-ply yarns made from superfine alpaca blended with wool or baby alpaca blended with silk in a range of natural and undyed colours available in 50g balls or cones.

We also make a range of UK Alpaca Posh Socks, a ribbed sock for town and country wear and a lounge sock for lounging about the house. And of course we could not do without alpaca walking socks that keep us warm all winter.

The fleece is graded by hand at Vulscombe Farm in Devon  before being sent for processing at a number of different UK based established commercial facilities.

It works like this – once all alpaca fleece from each breeder is graded, a tally sheet is sent out to them with the weights and grades of the fibre submitted that we wish to buy. The grower sends UK Alpaca an invoice and we send them a cheque. Anybody who sells us fleece can buy back yarn at wholesale prices without a minimum order quantity, if they wish.

All UK Alpaca’s yarns are processed and spun in the UK to the highest quality to provide a uniform, soft, lustrous worsted spun yarn. We are utilising the worsted spinning system, which is best suited to alpaca because of the fibre length. This produces a strong, lustrous, smooth and fine yarn, ideal for use in knitwear. The yarn is spun on a ring spinning system in either 100% alpaca or as a blend with wool or nylon dependent on the performance requirement of the yarn. For general knitwear we are adding wool when possible to stop any migration and to produce a loftier, bouncier yarn. The wool enhances the qualities of the alpaca whilst producing good wear resistance. To maintain good yarn stability, the yarns are generally produced multifold and then autoclaved (subjecting the yarn to high pressure) which sets the fibres in place in the yarn and stops distortion in the product. This process also improves stability and the shape of the final product.

UK Alpaca is determined to help create a viable alpaca fibre industry in this country by producing the best yarns from the fleeces of animals bred here. We invite you to support that aim by selling us your fleeces. Any breeder who sells us their fleeces can buy yarns at wholesale prices with no minimum order.  The success we have in the market place will bring increased returns to alpaca breeders with better prices paid for their fibre in the future.
If you would like to sell your alpaca fibre to UK Alpaca please visit the website or talk to Rachel Hebditch on 01884 243579.