Back, chained to the desk, after a weekend at Wonderwool in sunny Wales. Well, not very sunny really, quite cold and damp. Still it was a lot of fun as usual and we sold plenty of yarn although we did stay in the ‘hotel from hell’. They had an ‘issue’ with the central heating. Why say that? Why not say it doesn’t work. We arrived there cold after setting up at the show until a fan heater was brought to the room which eventually warmed the place up. The bathroom had obviously been done up but the spanking new mirror with lights didn’t work either. The best bit was when I suggested that dressing for my salad would be a good idea and the girl responded that the chef hadn’t had time to make dressing. What?

Anyway back at home catching up on all that glorious paper work before the joys of the North Somerset Show next Monday. Please may it be fine as I still treasure the photo of me, Garry Naish, Jay Holland and the supreme champion Kallista stood up soaked, looking like drowned rats. Getting out was equally awful as Chas put his foot down hoping the car and trailer would make it through the giant mud pool to some hard standing. We did.