We were on our way to feed the girls yesterday when we were trapped in a hunt traffic jam. The hounds must have gone into our neighbour’s place and his gateway was crowded with people on horseback and cars. One bloke decided to park in the middle of the road and eventually got out and inquired whether we were following the hunt. Unlikely! The elegant ladies in their hairnets looked askance at Chas in his flattering (!) woolly hat and Alice, straining to get out and bark at the horses. It must have been the fox hounds as the staghounds always phone or email to say they are going to be in our patch and the first we knew about it was the tremendous barking. When we got to Park Meadows the girls were all bunched up at the top of the field on full alert as the horses went thundering down the lane. Persuading them to come to the feed troughs was tricky. Usually it is a race between the alpacas hurtling down the field and the mule whizzing down the track as to who gets to the troughs first. They win. All normal today.

This morning there was a fox sitting nonchalantly in the birth field close to the office. There are a couple of females in there – good old Mika, 24 this year, and a companion. The companion went to inspect the fox and off he went but within a few minutes was back and didn’t disappear until Chas appeared. Cheeky fox.