Priam-11-criaIMG_0019IMG_0023   Some of our cria lying around at mid day. We have    nineteen girls and seven boys on the ground with another twenty to go. One girl was born without incident yesterday, then another in the wrong field decided to pop out a girl, apparently six weeks early. The cria certainly didn’t look premature so going back through the breeding records concluded she must have taken on her first mating date and for some reason sat again. I was watching a third who was looking pretty fed up all day but when we brought her in at tea time to investigate, there was no cria in the birth canal so concluded she would do it today. Wrong. When we went up at 8.30 in the evening to give a bottle fed cria, (her mother has a swollen udder), her last feed, there was cria number 3 sat up in the field. not long out. It is a strong cria and was already looking in the right place for milk so concluded plasma not necessary, stuck a coat on her as there was forked lighting and claps of thunder, and retired to the house. All well this morning when another dark fawn girl arrived. Her mother, a maiden, ran off appalled at the sight of the cria, but after a few minutes realised it was hers!