Why Buy Alpacas

Alpacas are in demand and discerning buyers pay good prices for the best breeding stock. It is a relatively new industry with a small national herd of around 25,000 but has great commercial potential. Alpaca fibre has been traded for centuries and is a high value luxury fleece and one of the ‘noble fibres’. Although the number of animals in the UK is still too low for a full scale commercial fibre industry, this will come, and meanwhile many breeders are producing high quality garments and yarns from British fleeces.

There is too a lively market for the non breeding stock – gelded males – who make interesting and lovable field pets and also the older males who are often used in trios to guard lambs and chickens from foxes.

The British alpaca herd has benefited from the BAS Registry which holds the full pedigrees of all the breeding stock in this country. This has meant that selective breeding programmes are possible and has resulted in huge advances in the quality of the animals and their fleeces.

Alpacas are gentle and inquisitive animals that can be kept on small acreages with a low level of daily maintenance. Running costs are very reasonable and just a few alpacas can be enjoyable and profitable.

There are three ways that alpacas can increase your revenue and decrease taxes. The purchase price of breeding stock, barns and fencing is depreciable against tax. Owners can breed their alpacas, increase the size and value of the herd and not pay tax until and unless the animals are sold. If the alpacas are actively raised for profit, all related expenses – veterinary care, feed, breeding costs – can be set against income.

Alpacas are very calm and calming animals. They are perfect for the move to a rural lifestyle and they get on well with children too. There is a vibrant show circuit and plenty of events, educational and social, for owners to attend.

We breed alpacas because we enjoy working with these lovely animals. Now is a great time to get into an enjoyable industry with commercial potential. You may want to diversify, add another attraction to your tourist business or have a new interest in retirement which will also bring an income. Whatever the reason, take the first step and contact us today by email at rachel@alpaca-uk.co.uk