Blood Spinning For Plasma

Weak newborns or sick cria might well benefit from plasma if their IgG levels are reduced due to poor, or lack of, colostrum from their dam.  Plasma would usually be given orally within the first 12 hours of life, or via IV or IP if after this period.

Failure of passive transfer from mother to cria will mean that the youngster hasn’t acquired an adequate immune system to fight infection. In these instances plasma can be a lifesaver.

We recommend that all breeders have a supply of plasma in their freezer for such emergencies. Get your veterinarian to take blood from older geldings that are up to date with their vaccinations. We could then spin down blood from your animals in our large refrigerated centrifuge however the Veterinary Medicines Directorate have recently told us it is ‘an offence’ to do so, and we must therefore stop offering such a service.