Stud Services

Our stud males represent some of the best genetics in the world. We have invested heavily in sourcing bloodlines with predictable advanced traits, bringing those males to the UK and offering the opportunity to other breeders to breed progeny which include these genetics. They deliver predictability for advancing fleece qualities whilst ensuring good bone and conformation in their offspring. These have been critical to our breeding programme which aims to produce healthy, show winning animals with super fine fleeces displaying advanced staple structure and density, in white and solid colours.

2022 sees the arrival of two new stud males, Artwork B.R. Macchiato and Evolution Volcanicity to join Houghton Placido and Classical MileEnd Florian. Macchiato, a beige, out of the beribboned Snowmass Bronze Royalty, exhibits excellent fleece structure and staple length combined with an exceptionally calm demeanour. Volcanicity is fawn with an exceptionally dense, fine fleece and both males are awash with the best of Snowmass pedigree lines. Florian, white, is  the son of the fawn Appledene Commander in Chief, who is the finest of the fine. Placido thrilled us all by winning the light and white Sires Progeny shield at the BAS National 2022. His progeny are showing great dense and fineness.

We offer an experienced and professional approach for the service of alpacas with a wide range of specialist skills and the support of our local veterinarian. Our own ultrasound equipment accurately monitors developing pregnancies with the assurance to our customers that the alpaca is indeed pregnant.

Stud servicing is available to clients as drive-bys only due to bio-security concerns.

Drive-by matings are when the owner brings the alpaca to our farm, observes the mating and then returns home with the served female. Spit off and pregnancy determination is the responsibility of the alpaca owner.

If you require any further information about the males please contact us on 01884 243579 or